When your time in braces is completed and the desired treatment result is attained, we will begin the “retention” stage of your treatment. Once we remove the braces along with any other orthodontic appliances, the teeth will have a tendency to shift. To prevent undesirable shifting of the teeth and alteration of the bite, retainers are placed immediately following the removal of the orthodontic appliances. This tendency for the teeth to shift will always exist, so we recommend that retainers be worn indefinitely.

The best way to maintain your orthodontic treatment result is to wear your retainers throughout your life. If you lose or break a retainer, call us immediately. Should you notice that a tooth is moving, begin wearing your retainer 24 hours per day, and contact our office as soon as possible.

Once the retainers are delivered, the retention phase begins, and it is your responsibility to care for the retainers and to wear them according to our instructions. It is important that you remember to remove your retainers before brushing your teeth, and also brush your retainers before placing them back in your mouth.  If ever in doubt, please wear your retainers full-time, and schedule an appointment to determine appropriate retainer wear.  

Please make sure to attend all scheduled retention appointments and to notify us of any alterations to the guidelines we have provided you regarding the frequency and duration of retainer wear. Please also remember to bring your retainers to each and every visit to our office. Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain your beautiful new smile by wearing your retainers according to our recommendations! We want you to have a healthy, attractive smile that lasts a lifetime!



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